Friday, August 21, 2015

Apostolic Method No More?

For those of you who were fortunate enough to not be subjected to my Valedictorian speech in May, let me fill you in. I told a joke about how I said I had made it through school and become valedictorian: Following the so-called “apostolic method”, which Paul advocates in the closing words of 1 Corinthians 7:27: “Seek not a wife.” After saying this was the only time mid-speech I got a round of applause, so it apparently rang a bell with more than a few people in the crowd. Watch the video here.

Now I of course realize that Paul’s admonition in the passage was taken out of context when I used it in my speech, but I’ll not be so quick as to say that the principle I followed is not a good one. I did have the mindset, upon entering college, that I knew what God had called me to Fargo to do, and that was to attend Master’s Baptist College and prepare for the ministry work that He has for me to do, and get involved in it at the same time. Now I do admit that getting married in the middle of college does not prevent one from still fulfilling those goals, but I knew that for me to take the steps God had for me at the time, with a fully dedicated heart and without anything pulling me a better direction, it would be best for me to wait on the Lord. And so I did! I saw God work, and I learned, and grew in those four years of school. I learned things during school that were useful for me to know before I took any steps toward finding a mate.

But now I am courting the beautiful Heather Smith! (Praise the Lord!) So some may ask, “what happened to that apostolic principle?” 

Well, a few things. Firstly, I did say in my speech (watch it again if you need to), that nobody could hold me to that apostolic method any more. 

Secondly, the reason that I held to the principle of “seek not a wife” during college is because I was seeking to further my education and needed to be entirely focused on that. But now- I am no longer taking classes.

But my third response is that I did not entirely give up the apostolic method. You see, I still have not found it necessary to “seek a wife.” I found rather that as I wait on God, God brings into my life what He wants to give me, and what is best for me. And God has brought Heather into my life, and through our courtship I have been greatly blessed. What did I seek? Matthew 6:33 explains it: “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.” 

So what is my advice to those in Bible College? Seek God’s will first, and in His time He will give you all that He desires you to have.



  1. I love this post, Josh!!! God is good :) And that was the best valedictorian speech ever...I am not at all biased in the least :P Lol! But seriously, it was!! And the "Apostolic Method" still makes for many good laughs :) I love you!

  2. Okay buddy, I had a very good laugh at this post! I really like your testimony, though and congratulations on the courtship with Heather! From our family's relationship with the Smiths over the internet, I can say that Heather definitely has a heart for the Lord and most people, and it seems that you do as well. Praise the Lord for bringing you together!

    1. Hey thanks Nick! It'll take me a while to learn all of Heather's wonderful friends! But I certainly agree that Heather has a heart for God! I'm just trusting God and standing amazed in His presence.


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