Thursday, January 28, 2016

Ceremony and Reception Pictures

Here's another post for you!  These pics are from the ceremony and reception.  Enjoy!

So thankful for my sweet friend Anna who played for us!
Groom in waiting :)

We're so thankful for the many wonderful people that had a part in our special day!  Here are just a few :)  

And so it begins

The facial expression!  Roflol!!

Love him so much!!!

First time holding hands!  Such a special moment :)

That dreaded moment for every bride..."How on EARTH do I get up this steps with this dress on?!?!?!"

Josh's dad preached the message

Our awesome ushers :)

This picture totally cracks me up...all of the bridesmaids and groomsmen just dying to see what we were going to do to each other :)  We were nice...we still had pictures to take :P

And then just for laughs...apparently Stephen said something really funny...don't ask me what it is.  But the four completely different facial expressions in this picture make me giggle every time :)

I hope I didn't put all of you on picture overload!  There are still many more to share in the days to come :)  And I'm so excited to post them.  I am waiting on two more sets of pics from two other people, and I should have one of those sets very soon, so I'm excited to keep sharing with all of you! 

Josh and Heather