Thursday, April 28, 2016

A Quick Catch Up!

I know we've been a bit MIA lately, but we've had a lot going on and not much time to snap pictures :)  But I still wanted to share with all of you a little bit of what we've been doing!

Back in February when I last updated, I had just thrown a baby shower for some good friends of mine.  That week we also had our Family Life Conference at church with Pastor Jeff Farnham.  The messages were amazing and spoke to our hearts.  I always look forward to this uplifting week!  It is so spiritually refreshing and encouraging to my heart :)

Spring forward into March, and we had a wonderful day celebrating my first birthday as a married couple.  God is so good to me, and I am thankful for the amazing man the Lord has blessed me with!  We had a great time together and made some wonderful memories :)  Then I had the blessing of spending some time with my family that evening.

Between teaching music lessons, doing a lot of sewing, organizing, baking, and many other things with my hubby, March flew by - right along with April!  But in the midst of all the busyness, Josh planned a weekend to the cities to bless me with!  We had such a fun time away :)

I trust all of our readers are doing well!  I'll leave you with a few pictures from our spontaneous date night on Tuesday...

...along with a current picture of us just a few minutes ago in the radio station running Heaven 88.7 Sharathon.  Feel free to listen in at !

Josh and Heather