Friday, March 17, 2017

Some Favorites from Joanna's First Week!

I have a few problems with this post -

1) All of the pictures are my favorites...
2) I already have uploaded 367 pictures to Dropbox in the past 3 1/2 wks - and I haven't yet uploaded the past few days' worth of pictures...
3) This post would be way too long...

So, since all of them are my favorites, I have selected just a few to share with you!  That was hard to do lol...

I hope you enjoy them!  We are so thankful for our precious peanut :)

Joanna was born at 8lb 14oz and had lost the typical 10oz by the Thursday morning.

 Our little chub didn't have a problem gaining it back, and by her one week appointment was back up to birth weight :)

I love watching her suck her thumb and fingers.  It is so adorable!

She has been a very alert baby from the day she was born - that is, during her awake times at least...

Someone has the BEST daddy in the world, and she loves her snuggle and play time with him...

Joanna's first Sunday...even though we livestreamed, Mommy still had to dress her up a little :)

Our cute little pudge!!
 I will be posting more pictures in the days to come!  She is changing so much every day!  Hopefully, it isn't too much cuteness overload for y'all ;)

Josh and Heather 

Here's a song that keeps running through my mind as I think of God's blessings to us!

Quick Update :)

I know I fell of the face of Blog World after Thanksgiving...I apologize for that!  Even my blog theme still thinks it is fall :/  I really need to change that, especially since I'm so ready for winter to be over lol.  But we are on the upward swing temperature-wise, and hopefully it stays that way!  All of us are looking forward to getting some sunshine and nice spring walks in :)

Soooooo, just a few things that happened during my lack of posting...

~ We spent Thanksgiving in Wisconsin with Josh's family and also celebrated Christmas then.  Mrs. Lindsey also threw us a fun baby shower at the church!  It was a blessing to be with them and see everyone one more time before the baby came!

~ We celebrated our first anniversary on November 28th, and spent a few days in Duluth for it!  We had a wonderful time and would love to go back in the spring.  The hiking trails are calling our names!  Despite the fact that it was rainy and cloudy every day, we loved every minute of it - it was beautiful!  And we had a sweet time together :)  Praising the Lord for a wonderful year of marriage!

~ The week after we got home a friend of ours threw us an adorable Winnie the Pooh themed baby shower!  We were blessed by those that attended and were very thankful for the many useful baby gifts that were given to us in preparation for our little girl :)

~ December flew by with Christmas and New Years related church activities.  It is always an encouragement to fellowship with God's people and worship the Lord! 

~ Both of us taught a class each at Master's Baptist College in January.  I taught Music Basics January 16-21 and really had a lot of fun with it.  I am looking forward to doing it again, Lord willing.  Thankfully, Josh took a few hrs to teach conducting for me as I had no extra brain cells or will power at 37 wks pregnant to teach it to myself just to teach it to a group.  No thank you lol.  The following week, January 23-28, Josh taught Bible Manners and Customs to his smallest class ever - 4 students :)  But he had a good time with it and the students really enjoyed it and gleaned a lot from it!

The next 4 weeks were spent just slowing down our busy schedule and getting last things ready for baby Joanna's arrival!  It's so hard to believe that she will be a month old already in just 4 days! 

Speaking of the little munchkin, she was awake in my lap when I started this post...

...and has since fallen asleep in her sling by the end of it...

We are loving every moment of her!  And I take advantage of all the baby snuggles I can get because she is growing up waaaaay too fast!  But she will always be Mommy and Daddy's little girl <3

Josh and Heather

Welcome to the Family!

Joanna Tamsin Lindsey
Born February 21, 2017 at 10:36 PM
8lb 14oz ~ 20 1/2"

Our Precious Little Treasure ~ Just a few hrs old

Josh and Heather