Wednesday, April 26, 2017


Not funny, North Dakota...not funny. I was just praising you for your 60-70 degree weather that we had the past few weeks...

It's been snowing all day and still going strong lol

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Class Prep

This pretty much sums up how I feel right now as I cram in preparation for the Biblical Music Survey class I am scheduled to teach at MBC in two weeks...


Monday, April 24, 2017

Hitting the Road Running...

The weather has been beautiful out of late...until!  But while it was really pretty and warm we went on lots of walks!  We did a lot of running last year as you all may remember and even ran the Fargo 10k in May 2016.  No, there aren't any races on the schedule for us any time this year, but we decided to get back to running this past week just for the sake of enjoyment, exercise, and a good time together!  I couldn't run at all during my pregnancy as it made me sick, so we started from square one again with Couch to 5K...and with our sweet baby to join us thanks to my aunt who gifted us an awesome click-n-go running stroller!  But at least it gives us a goal to work towards!  As we were doing our 60-second running intervals the other day I couldn't help but wonder how on earth I ever ran 6 continuous miles without walking...but I will baffle my brain with that a different day, and maybe at some point it will happen again!  Lol!  But for now, that's a picture of our happy little family taking a breather in the trunk of our van after our 2-mile run/walk a few days ago.  And yes, Joanna is *totally* happy in this picture, can't ya tell?! 😂  She was pretty much done being in her car seat - ha!

But speaking of the little peanut, this happened on Friday...

...and this Momma just doesn't know where the time is going 😢 It flies by waaaay too fast!  But I am loving every minute of it.  It's such a treasure!  God has truly blessed us with a very happy, easy-going baby and she is such a joy!  Looking forward to making so many wonderful memories with her 💕

We hope you all have a wonderful evening, and hopefully we will post again soon!  God bless!

Josh and Heather

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Resurrection Sunday 2017!

We are so blessed and thankful that we serve a risen Savior!  To God be the glory!

Josh, Heather, and Joanna

Thursday, April 6, 2017

A Few Joanna Facts!

1) She is the best snuggle bug!

2) She now wears sizes 3-6mo or 6mo. Very few 3mo outfits fit...and she is only 6 wks old!

3) She smiles for selfies!  Well, not really - she was just smiling back at Mommy on the screen :)

4) She makes laundry folding so much fun!

5) She is SUCH a happy baby.  And she always wakes up so smiley and talkative!

Josh and Heather

Grocery Adventures

So, as silly as this may seem, I was viewing grocery shopping on my own with a baby as a very daunting task!  I figured I wouldn't have a problem getting the groceries by myself, but then - how was I supposed to get them in the apartment?  What happens if she starts screaming in the aisle?  Do I leave the cart and walk out?  How about if she starts screaming in the checkout lane?  Yes, all of these questions and many more ran through my mind, and no, I didn't have answers for all of them (except the first one - Josh! lol).  But it didn't matter, because not going shopping meant we didn't eat lol!  So off we went...and I was praising the Lord for baby wearing the whole time...

She slept through the first two stores, then we took a break for her to eat in the van, and I was so thankful that she was still smiling and happy by store #3 which was our last stop...

And I didn't bother to take any pictures of the baby that screamed in the van the whole way home from the last store that we went too :))))

Josh and Heather

Beautiful Weather!

The weather here has been so nice, and all of us have been taking advantage of it and going for long walks as a family!  Joanna loves to ride in the stroller, usually takes a nap, and better yet - it typically makes her sleep better at night! Plus, she's so cute :)  So I can't help but share the pictures...

Josh and Heather

Best Daddy Ever

"In your father's arms,

That's where you belong!

No safer place to be

Than in your father's arms!

In your father's arms!"
~Bruce Frye 

I just love watching Josh be the daddy to our little girl!  He is the best :)  Love you, honey!!!
Josh and Heather

Full Song Here:

Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Sad Goodbye...

Yesterday, the three of us attended our last midwife appointment as Joanna turned 6 weeks old.  It was fun to just sit and chat with Beth and her assistant - Christine - who also assisted at our birth.  Joanna weighed 10lb 14oz, which is exactly two lbs gained since birth.  And she measured 24" long.  Somebody has her Daddy's long legs because she was only 20.5" long at birth :)  She is growing so fast!  It was so sad to say goodbye as you really establish a unique relationship and bond with your midwife when you do a home birth, but she asked that we keep in touch and continue to send her pictures as I have done for the past few weeks, and I look forward to doing so!  The Lord really blessed us with an amazing midwife team, and a wonderful birth.  We are so thankful for how everything went!  God is good!!

Josh and Heather


At our baby shower back in December, my mom gifted us with some of my baby dresses, and Joanna recently got to wear one of them before she quickly outgrew it :) 

Sweet little socks that Gramma found for her!
No one can resist a precious baby face :)

This next one makes me giggle...  My mom bought her the crocheted set for a shower gift as well, and I kinda had to stuff her into it for a picture, but it was soooo adorable!  And the expression on her face - well, that's priceless <3

Thanks to my awesome hubby for taking such great pictures!!!  He's the best!

Josh and Heather